Siemens offers a variety of HCIS platforms to meet an organizations needs and EHR requirements. From the Soarian to Invision and MEDSERIES Clinical and Revenue Cycle platforms to departmental applications like Novius Lab, Syngo Radiology and Pharmacy.   Maximizing the utilization of features and accurate integration with other systems can make an effective EHR and help improve user adoption, system performance and patient care. Any one of the Siemens HCIS platforms can make up the foundation of an EMR at your organization. When you integrate additional departmental applications or integrate other vendor specialized systems, you create a more robust EHR for your provider to use to improve the delivery of care.

Having the time to stay abreast of the many applications and their capabilities can be challenging for any organization. It may have been many years since your team worked with a diverse group of products, or had the time to dive into an application and learn all its capabilities.  IHA consultants have specialized knowledge in system functionality and a diverse background in implementation experiences, support issue review and resolution.


With Integrating Healthcare Associates, we can help you maximize your system, better utilize your resources, and gain:

Objectivity – Our consultants have experience working among various levels within an organization and provide objective viewpoints as an expert who is outside the normal political network of an organization.

Organizational Insights – IHA consultants can provide an outsiders perspective of an organization’s structure and operations. This external observation and additional viewpoint often enables us to provide technical or operational solutions to problems that may not have been visible to employees close to the situation.

Supplemental Resources – To preserve your current resources and not take them away from their day-to-day responsibilities during short term projects, Integrating Healthcare Associates can supplement your staff. Hiring additional, temporary expertise has the potential to be less expensive than adding permanent staff and training them on such tasks as completing a change or system configuration.  This is particularly beneficial if the knowledge that is needed on a product is a one-time configuration change or if new, additional staff would be required to hit the ground running.

Reduced Risk - IHA consultants can reduce risk and have the potential to reduce cost over the full lifecycle of the solutions we provide.  We have experience with a wide range of products and a wide variety of situations.  Our experience enables us to provide you with advanced features and configuration options as well as create workarounds for the inherent deficiencies not always clearly identified by the vendor.


Interim Management

Project Planning / Execution

Change Management

Process Analysis and Design

System Build

Production Go-Live

Post Go-Live Support

Clinical Process Optimization

Revenue Cycle Enhancement

Operations Improvement

Process & Workflow Automation

User Training & Mentoring

Functional Application Support

Systems Administration

Strategic Planning / Leadership

System Reengineering

Multi-Site, Multi-Project Integration

Vendor Management

Organizational / Team Design and Development

Coaching and Mentoring

Performance Management

Technology Integration

Needs Analysis

Technical Resource Guides


Advanced Clinical Systems


  • Clinicals


  • CPOE
  • Orders and results
  • Nursing documentation

Med Administration Check


Siemens Pharmacy

Siemens syngo Suite (RIS/PACS)


  • CPOE
  • Care plans
  • Critical care
  • Device connect
  • Orders and results
  • Physician and nursing assessments


Revenue & Administrative Modules


  • Financials


  • Patient accounting
  • Scheduling
  • Centralized business office


  • Soarian EDM
  • Soarian financials
  • Soarian scheduling

Integrations and Business Intelligence

Siemens OPENLink


Decision support solutions


  • AD HOC Wizard
  • OAS Gold