Integrating Healthcare Associates have the ability to support your organization through remote system monitoring. We are experienced in the utilization of standard and customized remote monitoring systems. These systems can be customized to automatically communicate system diagnostic information to our monitoring network at regular intervals or managed with-in your network.

IHA's Remote Monitoring Service can help your organizations healthcare information system.

IHA's Remote Monitoring Service helps your organization’s healthcare information system by proactively analyzing the performance of the systems, servers and databases to predict faults and operational irregularities. Proactive monitoring can prevent or resolve performance problems before they escalate. This offering includes Healthcare Applications as well as the servers and databases that they run on and are made up of a combination of both automatic and hands-on system review. Our team develops methodologies and puts standards in place for the review of the platform to be used and the creation of the procedures that will be executed for proactive monitoring and troubleshooting.

Highlights of this Service Include:

Application and System Monitoring
IHA also has extensive experience with the monitoring of application error queues and data integration queues. The monitoring of system performance and trend reporting and review issues can often be caught early or prior to issues occurring.

Active Monitoring
Proactive monitoring procedures for reaction to alerts, error queues and other notifications can maximize the performance of the systems, servers and databases. With early reaction to these notifications IHA can prevent or resolve performance problems before they escalate and ultimately reduce user calls to the help desk.

Passive Monitoring
Utilities can be set up for your organization that periodically collect information about your applications and servers that can be stored. IHA can then create reports from these to assess and evaluate current and past performance.